At Grow Forward CFO, our focus is on making your company successful by serving as your financial partner.

Experienced. We leverage our expertise to assist you with your growth needs, providing strategic planning skills and analysis to help you exceed your business goals.

We don’t just look at the past, we analyze key metrics to help maximize your profitability for future growth.

Flexible. We provide creative financial solutions in a rapidly changing business environment.

Company History

Grow Forward CFO is the name of a company that has operated for over 21 years.  This organization is led by Anthony B. Redic, a Washington D.C. resident who moved to Columbus, OH in 1997.  Due to his love for data and numbers, Anthony launched BARTAR Consultants and started providing bookkeeping, billing, and consulting services for small businesses and churches after graduating from college in 1993.

Anthony’s transition to Columbus was as an employee, with the Defense Finance and Accounting Services government agency, serving as lead Data and Program Specialist.  After a brief hiatus, BARTAR Consultants was re-launched in 1999 and Anthony began providing financial support to a host of nonprofits, churches, and small businesses using QuickBooks, Peachtree, and MAS90/SAGE financial systems.  BARTAR become known as a capable organization that could effectively partner with accountants to enhance an organization’s financial outcomes.     

In 2010, BARTAR Consultants began to evolve.  Anthony created ARedic Consulting, LLC to provide services as an independent CFO in order to work with businesses that needed more than a bookkeeper.  For the next seven years, Anthony worked with large organizations that needed objective financial advisory services and strategic projections.  As the trend for independent CFO services continued to grow and with Anthony’s older son becoming a CPA in 2017, Anthony made his final shift and created Grow Forward CFO. 

Today, Grow Forward CFO has a team consisting of CFOs, CPAs, Data Analysts, and bookkeepers.  With this team of talented professionals, Grow Forward can provide end-to-end business financial services. 


Anthony Redic
Managing Partner and CFO

Anthony serves as a CFO for small businesses providing strategic financial and operational support. Anthony has over two decades of experience helping business leaders define KPIs and execute business and financial strategies. When working with business owners, Anthony focuses on financial data analytics, metrics development, documenting operational processes, and developing strategies to improve financial performance. As an experienced professional, Anthony works to build capacity, generate free cash flow, and enhance the balance sheet.

Grow Forward CFO is The Largest African American CFO Company in the Midwest!